Japanese Bobtail Rescue

Japanese Bobtail Rescue
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Japanese Bobtail Rescue

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Japanese Bobtail Rescue Information: The Japanese Bobtail is an attractive cat with a unique bobbed tail. Japanese Bobtails are very playful. Kittens mature more quickly than other breeds and are soon up and around getting into mischief. Japanese Bobtails are highly adaptable. This breed does well with children, other pets, and traveling.

Japanese Bobtail Trivia: Two Japanese Bobtails are depicted in a 15th century painting that hangs in the Smithsonian. Japanese Bobtails have a wide range of vocal tones and are sometimes considered to sing. Japanese Bobtails are depicted in numerous pieces of ancient Asian art. Japanese Bobtails are symbols of good luck in Japan. Ceramic figurines of Bobtail Cats are kept in doorways for luck. Japanese Bobtails come in longhaired and shorthaired varieties.